Dance Can Improve Health


Modern popular dance around the world now centers solidly on sexual attraction. The slow figures which three decades ago were utilised to induce some romance have left. Everything about popular dance is earthier and much more direct. This, however, is just one facet of dance and existence.

More than ever before we have to re-interact with our inner silent self which requires expression through movement and never through words. Many cultures have previously lost the idea of dance being fundamental to all of the great occasions of existence whether personal, spiritual, mundane or cosmic. Dance must be re-introduced into peoples’ lives like a therapeutic, self-revelatory and self-harmonizing activity. Peoples innermost Being must initiate and sustain the way the dance manifests itself physically.

My primary interest has worked like a Dance and Movement Counselor with children experiencing multiple-physical disability, severe learning difficulties and frequently challenging conduct. There’s without doubt that during a period of time dance and movement therapy brought to some marked improvement in lots of facets of these childrens lives. these were in better shape physically. They derived a sense of accomplishment, experienced greater self-confidence and improved social relationships because of their dance and movement therapy sessions. Kids with behavioural problems calmed lower and autistic children became a member of within the proceedings. This awakening from the children’s creative inner powers demonstrated itself within the marvelous sketches that they created showing themselves dancing.

I’ve lately started to feel more and more strongly that my very own personal type of dance and movement therapy could be very effective with children who’ve endured severe trauma because of occasions within their lives for example displacement and riots. Dance and Movement treatments are a subtle, non-threatening treatment which benefits not only the person however the group, resulting at the minimum inside a lessening of bitterness and suspicion among its people.

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