Things You Must Know About Attending A Symphonic Orchestra


Attending a symphony concert can be an incredible experience, no matter whether you have an intertest in classical music. Depending on where you are located, you can find dedicated concert venues all over the US. A symphonic orchestra is coordinated music including an ensemble of performers. The coming together of various instruments and so many musicians playing at the instructions of the conductor – That’s pleasant beyond words. Before you attend a symphony concert, here are some things to know.

  • Check the dress code. Formals were traditionally the code for symphony concerts, but not anymore. Today, most venues allow casuals or semi-formal clothing, as long guests don’t arrive in pajamas and flip-flops. However, if you have your confusion or a venue is known for having a dress code, you can call and ask always.
  • Book tickets in advance. Tickets for symphony concerts are booked months in advance at times, especially the special events, and we recommend that you check for prior booking, if available. This allows you to choose between different class of tickets, depending on how much you intend to pay.
  • Arrive early. You are expected to arrive early at the venue, so that you can find your seat and absorb the ambience. Many venues also have pre-concert events, where you can find more about music from the conductor, or have guest speakers. Make sure to come at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

  • Wait, if you are late. If you have arrived to the symphony concert late, you will have to wait for a pause in the show to get in. The staff will tell you when to get in, so that your arrival doesn’t disturb others.
  • Bringing young kids is not recommended. If the show is meant for adults, you may want to avoid kids below the age of 7 years. Kids want to have fun and are unlikely to sit still for an hour or more, which is expected at most symphony concerts.

Finally, don’t talk. People often get swayed by the music, start talking, discussing and humming when the concert is on, which is definitely not expected. You can wait to applaud during the show as others do, and ensure that your phone is always on the silent mode. If you have to take a call, silently signal the staff, and they will guide you out. Check online now to find more on symphony concerts happening in your city.

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